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The Programme

The Confirmation Programme is based on the Nicene Creed, and although we use many resources, the book we principally draw from is  the "YOUCAT", Confirmation book, a programme of preparation by Bernhard Meuser and Nils Baer


Homework is set after each session, and Candidates are required to complete and return the homework at the beginning of each session.  Homework can be seen below.

Bible references: NEW JERUSALEM BIBLE


 Each Session will take place at Our Lady of Lourdes Presbytery at 6PM (sharp) and will last for an hour.  However to prepare for the session we start with a quite period of reflection, so if candidates are unsettled the session may extend slightly over the allotted time.






 Session 1

 September 13th


 read section 1 and 2

Pages 13 - 24

 Session 2

   September 27th

 What we can know about God

   read section 3 

  Pages 24 - 29

 Session 3

   October 18th

 Why this world is broken

   Read section 4

  pages 30-35

 Session 4

   November 15th

  Jesus more than a mere man

    read section 5

  Pages 36 -44

 Session 5

   December 13th

  WHY did Jesus have to die

  Read section 6

  Pages 46-55

  research confirmation (saints) name 

 Session 6

   January 17th


 Read section 7

 Research confirmation name

 Session 7

  February 7th

 Holy Spirit

  RE read section 7

 Read section 8

 A paragrah on your confirmation Saint

 Learn the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

 Learn the fruits of the Holy Spirit

 Use Spotify to find taize chants

 Session 8

  March 13th


 Read section 9 and complete Baptism details for next session 3Rd april

 Session 9

 April 3rd

 The Church

  read section 10

 Session 10

  April 17th

 The Eucharist


 Service of Reconciliation

   May 1st



 May 13th

 What happens in Confirmation



  May 15th





If you have missed a session, contact the Confirmation Catechist with the session date, and the necessary confirmation sheets will be sent to you.