The sacrament of Baptism can be administered at any age.  In Baptism, we are forgiven Original Sin, and we become members of the Church. During Baptism the parents promise to bring their child up in the practice of the faith.  At least one of the Godparents must be a practising Catholic aged 16 and over.

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Children normally make their first confession as part of their preparations for First Holy Communion.  By this age the children know the difference between right and wrong, and are capable of taking responsibility for their own actions. Therefore, they make their First Confession before receiving Communion and they are prepared for this as part of the programme.

Ordinarily the sacrament of Reconciliation is available on Saturdays, see our Mass Times web page for time and location.



First Holy Communion

Normally children make their First Holy Communion whilst in Year 3 of Primary School

Children must be baptised and capable of understanding the fact that they are receiving, not ordinary food, but the Body and Blood of Christ.  The children are prepared by a Catechist.  The family, the school, and the priest also have an important role to play in preparing the children. Of course, the celebration of the sacrament will mean more to the children if they are coming regularly to Mass and the faith is central part of their family life.  First Holy Communion normally take place either late May, early June. 

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The Confirmation programme is a bi-annual event, normally taking place in May/June - It is open to anyone who has made their Holy Communion from the age of 11 onwards.  We normally find that children embrace the Confirmation programme as part of their move from Primary to Senior school.  It helps mark their progression into adulthood, and is an opportunity for them to choose their own spiritual path.  Whilst parents & carers are naturally keen to see their children take the sacrament, it should recognised that it should be the childs decision to commit to the programme.

Our programme for 2015/16 will commenced on 13th September.





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Anointing of the Sick

Anointing of the Sick was once called Extreme Unction or the Sacrament of the Dying. The sacrament now is an anointing and a blessing that offers the grace to overcome frailties and the strength, peace and courage to overcome the difficulties of serious illness. If you or a loved one would benefit from this Sacrament, please contact Fr John